Painting Services

The professional painters at Perkins Painting Co., LLC are pleased to provide the following painting services to our clients:

Wall Coverings- We can help you select and install the type of wall covering that best fits your space, while adhering to your personal style and taste preferences.

Drywall Repair- If your drywall is breached by holes or dents, the integrity of your interior environment is put at risk. Let us repair the punctures before further damage can occur.

Biodegradable Sandblasting- Sandblasting is the preferred method of cleaning surfaces in preparation for painting or other restoration, but there's no need to allow the buildup of metal oxides or plastics to occur on your property as a result. Our experts use biodegradable media, so whatever remains after the job is done returns to its natural state without contaminating your lot.

Interior & Exterior- Perkins Painting pros are experts in all forms of painting for both the outside and the inside of your home. They will ensure that your exterior paint job can stand up to years of everything the weather can throw at it, while taking care to treat your home or office interior with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

House Painting- No paint job lasts forever, and if your home is showing signs of cracking or chipping paint it's time to call us for a free on-site evaluation and estimate. With over six years of experience making New Jersey homes look great, we guarantee you'll love the job we do on your home.

Parts- In the process of preparing your home or business for painting, Perkins can also make necessary repairs, to include the replacement of rotten or damaged molding, cornices and baseboards.

Log Homes- The painting and staining of log structures requires specialized techniques and materials that many painting contractors may not be familiar with. At Perkins Painting, we do log homes right!

Custom Painting- No two homes or commercial structures are exactly alike, just as no two clients have the same expectations or taste. When it comes to custom painting, the Perkins Painting pros are experts at listening, then making suggestions and following through to get your painting job done on schedule and to exact specifications.

Advanced Blast Cleaning Service!

High Volume Low Pressure Blast Cleaning (Dustless)

  • Automative parts & sheet metal
  • Full Car & truck Bodies
  • Frames, roll cages & running gear
  • Aluminum & steel rims
  • Internal engine parts cleaning
  • Primer coat applications

Marine Service!

  • Boat hulls. Fiberglass, Aluminum & steel
  • Trailers
  • I/O units
  • Engine cleaning
  • Internal engine parts cleaning
  • Galvanizing

We have mobile Units along with Pick-Up and Delivery!
We accept credit cards. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express!

Contact: Howard W Perkins Jr. (Butch)